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Mutual Fund & SIP

  • What Is Mutual Fund?
  • What Is SIP?
  • How Does It Work?

In simple terms, mutual funds are highly-effective and beneficial financial schemes run by companies involving in asset management. Professionally-managed mutual funds schemes allow the investors to dig deeper into handsome mutual funds return.

At Finance Wisezy, the renowned wealth management firm, you will find the topmost 2500 mutual fund schemes of more than 36 fund houses under the same roof. The expert team of Finance Wisezy will conduct a thorough mutual fund analysis and help you in finding the best mutual fund schemes for your financial requirements. We will help you with composing the perfect note of your financial growth.

Systematic Investment Plan or SIP allows the investors to invest small amounts of money in mutual fund schemes within regular intervals. On choosing SIP, you can freely select the amount you are willing to invest along with the time intervals.

  • The investor needs to choose a mutual fund scheme, the amount, and the time intervals to invest in SIP.
  • You can choose the time intervals as weekly, monthly or quarterly. The money will get deducted every week, month or quarterly from your bank account and go to the chosen mutual fund scheme.
  • Every time you invest the money, you will get units of the scheme.
  • You can redeem the units or switch your investment to another lucrative mutual fund scheme at anytime you want.
  • The most interesting part is that you can start your SIP investment with Rs. 500/- per month or quarterly.


Benefits of Mutual Fund Investments at Financewisezy

Transparent communication

Assured security of your financial data

Fast turnaround time

Quick SIP registration

Multiple payment options

Topmost and multiple mutual funds and SIP schemes under the same roof

Finance Wisezy experts are serving a range of SIP schemes in one basket for your financial benefits. Take a close look, and tell us which one you want.

Recommended SIP Portfolio

Axis Bluechip 30.75 12-Aug-2020 15.47% 4.68% 10.11%
Axis Multicap 12.18 12-Aug-2020 14.69% 4.31% 2.02%
Kotak Standard Multicap 34.67 12-Aug-2020 20.75% 1.88% 3.96%
Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip 57.07 12-Aug-2020 24.73% 10.49% 8.12%
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